How industry 4.0 will boost SMEs


In the recent years, the advanced reached by the communication and information technologies have led to the fourth industrial revolution (I4.0). Within I4.0, the factories will get equipped with machines with improved connectivity (wire and wireless) and more sensors, to capture the data from the field and process it for more detailed analysis. These analyses […]

Transferring enable technologies from smart mobility to industry 4.0: Connectivity, Big data and Artificial Intelligence are transforming the mobility of urban traffic, infrastructures and … what about Factories?


The social and economic impact of connectivity, the analysis of large amounts of data and Artificial Intelligence in applications for sustainable mobility is well known. The connectivity of infrastructures with vehicles and travelers through the Internet of Things (IoT), the use of data as a true generator of value in the future of mobility and […]

Cyber Physical Systems and Internet of Things: where are we going to?


Nowadays, Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and Internet of Things (IoT) are twin paradigms of the digital transformation impacting all economy sectors and society levels. Last decade, CPS and IoT have been growing, in parallel, in foundations and developments by sharing Internet, embedded systems and common targets such as tailored sensors and actuators, platforms and frameworks but […]

Is the IoT Gateways the key to overcome the challenges facing the IIOT, especially on SMEs with low connectivity machineries and non-standard proprietary protocols?


Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) tends to be much more mission-critical, with machine-centric data as opposed to the non-time sensitive, human-centric information in commercial IoT applications[1]. The eventual goal is to feed this data into predictive analytics systems to provide insight into an industrial process with the aim of making the necessary changes at precise […]