One of the biggest mistake digitization projects make


There is not a secret any more than digitalization should be included in the short-, mid- and long-term agenda from small business to enterprises no matter the sector, business model, customers or market target. During the transformation process road to the digital independence the selection of a proper digital architecture to build on top your new […]

The real secret behind 5G-based solution


The evolution of smartphones and IoT-based solutions is directly linked with the exponential increase of the volume of data generated and shared more than ever. Whereas current 4G-based solution starts to struggle with capacity demanded to manage so much data (especially in streaming video-based analytics and remote virtual & augmented reality scalable solutions), thus the […]

How technologies are speeding up the digital transformation


We want to apologize in advance for saying that there are not shortcuts in your digital journey. It is not enough just replace with a new group of digital tools to keep doing the same practices that you are already doing today. Digital transformation must focus on rethinking core assumptions about how an enterprise works […]