Platform for connected industry 4.0 customized to the needs of each member of the value chain, regardless of training or position, providing them with the necessary digital tools to optimize access and management of tasks, personnel, processes, consumption, times and costs in real time

From 1800€ / year - Each license


XYMIOT facilitates the capture, traceability and management of process data following communication and security standards for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).​

From 300€ each IoT device


Our RFID systems provide total control in real time over each unit, batch or pallet produced or handled in the plant or distribution center. In addition to automating the management of relevant indicators such as volumes produced, rotations, time in storage or cold rooms, expenses or waste, among other smart indicators associated with each smart label.

From 450€ each RFID UHF reader


XYMPLANNNER optimizes the planning and allocation of human and material resources in production environments through a heuristic analysis of relevant production, logistics and economic indicators.

Payment per license from 3500€ / year