What is the role of digital transformation in industry in times of covid-19?


Even though several months have passed, the world continues to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. Mainly, we are all concerned with our health, family, friends and colleagues; the ability to access the food and supplies we need; our job security; etc. Looking beyond our most personal and direct concerns, we can see how all manufacturers have […]

What new generation of experts say about the digital transformation?


Two days ago, I have had the opportunity to come back to my origins as a professor due to the invitation to make a conference about the Industry 4.0 and the impact in the global pandemic. I must recognize that, I was a little nervous, long time out of the classroom activities and difficult times […]

We have a question about your role in digital era


Nowadays, digital technologies allow any business to validate commercial hypothesis faster and smarter than ever. Good digital practices will improve your entire value chain, motivate your team and generate a positive feedback from customers. Like2

Why your company must be thinking about digital technologies?


One of the most common question that we have received when we try to sell any digital product or service, especially in with SMEs is: Why we should spend (in my opinion is better to consider an investment) this budget in digital technologies, if we our business sector isn’t highly dependent of the current techs. Build […]