What is your opinion about experts’ view on our digital transformation survey?

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Recently, Xymbot’s customer service and marketing department has released a public survey to lead us know the expert opinion about digital transformation current role, vision and expectation in multiple industrial sectors on the coming years.

Today, we want to discuss some preliminaries results with the our community:

1. Companies are not filling well prepared yet, but they are committed with digitalization challenge.

According with the results, 55% of the participants feels that the companies of their sector have lack of awareness if we talk about Digital Era beyond Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet as it can be appreciated on figure 1.a). This is a worrying affirmation, due to 75% of the participants comes from manufacturing, IT & process automation and Computer science sectors. On the other hand, figure 1.b) shows with the same percentage (55%) companies’ commitment with the Digital Transformation roadmap.

Figure 1.a) Companies opinion about challenge dimension
Figure 1.b) Companies commitment level

2. Executives are confidence with the business value behind digitalization initial investments.

More than 90% of the participants believe that digitalization strategies could bring improvements on the productivity, sustainability, & products quality; competitive advantages, customization and transparency, among other new business values as it shown in the figure 2.a). Furthermore, they highlight the potential of data- & customer-centered approaches, as well as, innovation-based technological solutions a key aspect to be taken into account to provide a unique value proposition to their customers (see figure 2.b)).

Figure 2.a) Digitalization strategies
Figure 2.b) Highlighted potential applications

3. Investing and supporting their experts as best policy to succeed on the digitalization roadmap.

Nowadays, many companies feel that they have already invested in several digitalization initiatives: acquiring, implementing or adapting many solutions from the marketplace as it can been appreciated on the figure 3.a). However, many of them have figured out that the best policy to succeed in the digital transformation roadmap is to build a core expert team and select the right partners for the entire journey (see figure 3.b)).

Figure 3.a) Investment on digital solutions
Figure 3.b) Core value to build a solid foundations

4. Innovation, strategic partnerships and AI-based solutions as main succeed criteria on the digitalization journey.

For many experts, the right partner should be this one that include innovation-centered and AI-based on their vision, daily activities and value proposition as a best practice (see figure 4.a)). On the other hand, as it can be appreciated on the figure 4.b), there is not a predominant solution for the coming years, but for sure, based on the expert criteria decentralized architectures, remaining useful life, supply chain optimization and business intelligence insights has more than 50% of the vote as a short-term application (2-5 years) into the digital transformation roadmap.

figure 4.a) What companies are looking for in their digital partner
Figure 4.b) Digitalization applications according to experts in the coming years

This are some of the preliminaries results extracted from digital transformation community. What is your opinion about?

Please, feel free write your opinion on the post comment section.

Furthermore, If you have a different or similar opinion, you can still contribute voting at: https://www.questionpro.com/t/AQ7EAZiYPI

Thank you very much to all the contributors!

Best regards,

Xymbot Team

In future posts, we will be continue writing about technology and business trends for enterprises. Furthermore, we recommend consulting the following literature to continue your digital transformation journey:

The objective of this blog is to provide a personal vision of how digital transformation trends will be impacting in our daily activities, businesses and lifestyle.

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