Do your products comply with the circular economy regulations of each region?

The technology of Digital Product Passport (DPP) developed by Xymbot, it allows access to transparent and reliable product data (zero counterfeits), generating a smart contract. This is possible by associating captured data from referenced products with RFID tags fragmented and unstructured information extracted from our clients' ERP systems.  

Once captured, the data are classified and we generate a smart contract using blockchain technology, allowing access to information transparent and reliable (zero counterfeits) about the lifecycle of each product to all stakeholders in the supply chain. 

Access to transparent and reliable information simplifies decision-making regarding marketing, reuse, and recycling. For this to be efficient, you must have knowledge about the product lifecycle and the regulations in the areas where you want to regularize it. Xymbot employs Artificial Intelligence through natural language processing techniques (LLM) to simplify decision-making by analyzing whether the current state of the product complies with the regulations for being marketed, reused, or recycled in your target market.


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Access to transparent and verified information on all products traced throughout the supply chain.

We integrate via API with third-party ERP systems to gather and analyze fragmented and unstructured data for the transparent and secure exchange of information among internal and external stakeholders throughout the product lifecycle from any connected device and location.

Our DPP technology (Digital Product Passport) enables the sharing of reports, catalogs, or user manuals internally or externally with other supply chain actors in a 100% digital, verified, and sustainable manner. 100% digital, contrastada y sostenible.

We provide our clients with all kinds of devices and RFID tagsOur service includes tablets, industrial PDAs, label printers/coders, tunnels, and gates anchored at doors or access points between plant areas and/or product entry/exit points.

These devices allow the traceability, automated tracking, and control of multiple products simultaneouslythe early detection of human errors in repetitive tasks, inventory control, order preparation, and shipments, verifying 100% of the operations performed by each user in real time.

Business model


Access all equipment, software, and maintenance without a large upfront investment, through a monthly subscription.


The equipment becomes your permanent property, and you only pay for operational and maintenance expenses.

Our success stories

Pinazo (09-2021)

The use of RFID technology is not only for tracking products; it also provides you with efficient and reliable productivity indicators for your operators..

This tool allows for advanced inventory management and optimizes workflows, facilitating the collection of real-time data on operational efficiency. Thus, RFID becomes an essential component for continuously improving processes and increasing productivity in your company, ensuring detailed and accurate monitoring of work performance.



IAC Group (09-2022)

RFID technology allows you to control 100% of your packaging,eliminating unwanted interruptions in the production plant. This advanced tracking system ensures continuous and accurate monitoring of all packaging materials along the production line. By proactively identifying and resolving any issues or deviations in the workflow, RFID helps maintain a smooth and efficient operation, reducing downtime and maximizing productivity in the process.




Switching from days to minutes in inventory management. An example of this is the success case developed by Focke Meler y Xymbot Ltdfor the implementation of RFID technology for the management of inventory and shipments.  Focke Meler is a leading company in the international market in the manufacture of equipment related to hot melt adhesive, with a wide and complete range of products that allows its application in various sectors.





Hitachi Digital Twin (12-2023)

We create a digital environment that optimizes and automates the flow of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) during the order picking of online purchases..

Our intelligent system allows that, once the order is completed, the AMR autonomously delivers the product to the delivery area selected by the customer. This process not only improves operational efficiency but also enhances the shopping experience for the user.




Hitachi DPP (01-2023)

Ciclo de vida del producto trazable, trasparente y auditable por actores internos y externos para la reutilización y reciclado de componentes y partes para una segunda vida. Además, elimina falsificaciones. 

La tecnología desarrollada por Xymbot combina blockchain e Inteligencia Artificial para ofrecer acceso a datos confiables y transparentes sobre el ciclo de vida del producto. El DPP (Digital Product Passport), transforma la forma en que se comparte la información del producto a lo largo de la cadena de suministro.


Ensure and verify the integrity of your products using a pasaporte digital based on blockchain. This method offers a transparent and secure solution for tracking each stage of the product, lifecycle from its manufacture to its delivery.

We developed the Digital Product Passport (DPP) using private blockchain technology through smart contracts to audit associated data with a batch of products from the Micron 5+ series by Focke Meler.


SHOP4CF 3rd Open Call (02-2023)

In collaboration with Tecnalia, we have developed a revolutionary tool for quality control on the assembly line of the Micron 5+ series by Focke Meler. This tool, which combines Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), is capable of detecting 100% of errors in real time, placing the operator at the center of Industry 5.0

We enhance the capabilities of the operator by integrating both technologies, to facilitate and optimize decision-making through advanced and personalized assistance.


Our innovative commitment has allowed us to obtain the CDTI NeoTec 2023, as recognition for our approach and dedication 

The DPP solution, developed by Xymbot, integrates encryption techniques, data auditing and Artificial Intelligence for the estimation of indicators of health and remaining lifetime of each product throughout its lifecycle. DPP is a disruptive technology in terms of transparency, interoperability, and optimal decision-making through verified, reliable, and auditable data for internal and external actors.

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